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How to buy a real passport online at ?

How to Apply for A Passport – once you choose the product you want to purchase on our website, go to contact us and choose any form through which you will like to discuss with us (WhatsApp, Text, Mail?) and wait for our manager to contact you to reply. It will be processed no later than in two days and then transported to you via trusted delivery companies.

How quality are our real and fake passports for sale?

We have the most recent equipment at our facilities that allows us to produce counterfeit documents, indistinguishable from genuine ones. Our skilled and experienced specialists can make a perfect passport that will be valid anywhere in the world, whether it has been registered in the official database or not. We can guarantee that because our products have all the security features of the legal papers, including these high-tech elements:

Electronic chips

At Global Documents, you can buy a real registered passport or a counterfeit without any encoded information about you.


We have the proper 3D-printing machines that let us implement even such advanced security features into our products.

Fluorescent fibers

If you look at our documents under ultraviolet light, you will see small threads woven into the paper, not visible to the naked eye.

Color-shifting ink

All our fake passports for sale are printed with unique technology and materials, so when you tilt them, some elements will change their hues.